Soma Definition: What is Carisoprodol?

In simple terms, Soma works as a muscle relaxer. This means that the active ingredients in the drug essentially block the sensation of pain between the body’s nerves and the brain.

Soma is the brand name for carisoprodol. As a muscle relaxer, the drug does not directly relieve pain. This is in contrast to other prescription strength pain medication like oxycodone or fentanyl. The drug can be found at any pharmacy, and bought using Soma coupons.

The difference in this Soma definition is key: unlike aspirin, which actually reduces inflammation in the body and reduces pain in this way, Carisoprodol simply relax the body’s muscles.
How is Carisoprodol Used?

In relaxing the muscles, Soma can work to reduce some of the pain experienced in the body.

Soma is primarily used to treat muscle spasms and backaches. This is because relaxing the muscles can work indirectly to reduce the pain experienced as a result of these conditions.

Rather than being used on its own, carisoprodol is typically prescribed along with a good amount of rest and even physical therapy. The drug is not meant to be a long-term therapy, but instead a very short-term response to a very specific medical condition.

In fact, most experts recommend that Soma pills be taken for no more than three weeks at a time. In this time frame, it is crucial that you take the Soma drug exactly as prescribed – not more often and not in greater quantities. Doing so can lead to a risk of withdrawal and addiction.

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